Top 10 Complaints Against Sales Guys

Sales is a function that can be continuously optimised. Over the years, I have heard a barrage of complaints amongst sales guys – some rightfully so and some applicable only to a portion of the sales team. I believe that each of these 10 points are huge opportunity areas and there are multiple fairly large companies working in these narrow spaces.

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Top 10 complaints against sales guys

  1. Why do sales guys never meet their numbers (and why is their forecast totally off all the time)
  2. Sales guys don’t know about our product (and why do sales guys don’t know how to give demos)
  3. Sales guys never fill the CRM
  4. Sales guys never attack the leads on time
  5. Sales guys go and sell anything that they want (which is far removed from what they have to sell)
  6. Sales guys go and commit a random price (without proper approvals)
  7. Sales people are living off repeat purchases rather than bringing new accounts (In other words, sales guys are not generating enough new leads from their own efforts)
  8. Sales guys don’t do cross-selling within existing accounts at all
  9. Sales guys waste the time of product and tech teams (in demos of technical aspects instead of doing it themselves)
  10. Sales guys are always late for meetings (and they never make notes)