Five Things I Wish Would Get Automated Through Personal Bots

While this can be an ever increasing list, here is a short list of things or “Personal Bots” that I feel will help save a lot of time, hassle and effort if they can get automated.

Things that I would like to see automated

  1. Bill payments – This one is easy and while things are much better than they were earlier, a service that can just check the amounts (compared to historical spends, Phone activity during that day of transaction etc.), confirm that things are ok and then go right ahead and pay the bills perhaps 2 days before the due date. This category can include
    • Credit cards bills
    • Paying utility bills
    • Paying insurance etc.
  2. Automatically (re)ordering – Upon thinking one level deeper, I think there is a use case for a home inventory app that can aggregate various online sellers and give you notifications based on your usage or past history. Things that you can reorder using this
    • Groceries / staples
      • Based on your past history
      • Based on how you define it 
      • Based on the slots available
      • Automatically create a list of alternatives
      • Finding coupons at checkout
    • Food
      • Order biryani from your favourite place through Zomato / Swiggy  / cheapest place
    • Ecommerce
      • Order XYZ from a set of your favourite sites
  3. Information aggregation– This can take the shape of event + pre-decided action so that you dont miss them if you dont go to facebook on a particular day. Again a meta-search format taking data from multiple apps can help achieve this.
    • Reminders
      • Birthdays and Anniversaries
        • Sending them automated albums
    • Top 10 news items customized to you
    • Free stuff available in your neighbourhood
      • that might be useful for you
      • that you might have expressed a desire to buy / rent
    • Location based information
      • Automatically msg your friends if you near a grocery store
  4. Earning more money through meta searches – Show that you are available and the app helps you earn money near instantaneously through the use of business opportunities across multiple apps that you might be registered with. I think this can be very useful at a micro / local level.
    • Courier / Delivery service from A to B
    • Selling stuff in your network
    • Temp work opportunities in your neighbourhood
  5. Bonus Wishlist – this is more a wishlist that I would have tried to do without much success. Perhaps someone out there can build onto these usecases and let me know once they are available.
    • Automatic limit screen time
      • Would love to see if I can somehow magically limit the screen time of the kids to less than an hour across iPad, tv and phones. 
    • Automatic phone dialer
      • An app that plays the same tricks that the banks play with us – it should automatically dial a bank, understand its options and ping you know only when a CSR picks up on the other side. As a cherry on the cake, the CSR can hear “My call must be important to you, so please hold for some more time” for a few seconds before you come on the call.
    • Phone charging
      • Before we reach the stage where each device has battery life that lasts a lifetime, we can use a always on charging mechanism. Whenever the phone charge falls below 50%, it should just start charging on its own !!!!